First New Christian Fellowship Baptist Church
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Building a Legacy with the Help of the Lord

About Us

Founded in 1964, FNCF is a faith-based Christian ministry that is located in Los Angeles, California. Our church has made a difference in the lives of God's children since the beginning. Even during troubling times, we've welcomed believers through our doors. Our spiritual center was open during the Civil Rights Movement, the Watts riots, and other significant events. We enjoy providing our community a spiritual home.

Our Founding

FNCF was formally established in the home of Joan Purnell at 1036 W. 46th Street. However, it was inaugurated as a House of God on November 20, 1964, in the home of our first pastor and organizer, Reverend Robert Wesley Batts. From December of 1964 until February 7, 1965, we held our worship services at the Masonic Hall and the Conner Johnson Mortuary Chapel. Our congregation included 100 members at the time. A more permanent location was discovered on May 30, 1964, at 108th Street and Denker Avenue, where we're currently located.

With events like the Watt Riots, many families began moving into the area, which contributed to our considerable growth. In less than 10 years, we outgrew our old facility. A new building was constructed in 1982, which featured a 500-seat sanctuary, spacious classrooms, and a large office space. This incredible milestone crested the very successful 23rd pastoral incumbency of Rev. Batts.

In 1995, the old sanctuary was renamed Jackson Hall after Laura Jackson, one of our charter members. Later, our church underwent 2 major renovations. We renovated the Robert Wesley Education Building in 1996. This building was formally dedicated to our first pastor the same year. The next renovation occurred in 2006. An adjacent property (located at 1540 W. 107th Street) was purchased and named after Ira Mattox. Ira Mattox served as the administrative assistant and key adviser to both of our pastors for over 30 years.

Meet Our Pastor

After Rev. Batts retired in December of 1987, Rev. Norman S. Johnson Sr. became our pastor. It was announced to our congregation on January 10, 1988. Rev. Johnson then assumed all of his pastoral duties on February 1, 1988. Rev. Batts was honored as Pastor Emeritus at this time. Under the leadership of Pastor Johnson, the church continues to flourish.